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What would it take to raise an organization’s level of performance from acceptable to exceptional?

Mastering Your Balance explores and provides solid answers to that fundamental question.


Mastering Your Balance takes you on the road to understanding and brilliantly executing the subtle elements of balance in ways that enable you to do what it would take to operate at your full potential. It illustrates the ways in which you can overcome your self-limiting beliefs and embrace new possibilities that are within your grasp as you come to realize that you are more than you think you are. By employing the right elements of balance, solid leadership approaches, and the proven findings of neuroscience and behavioral science, this book offers a powerful, achievable, unique path to mastery that can move you to a place you never before imagined.

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What Leaders Are Saying

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Mike Feliton, CIO at Crocs

Mastering Your Balance is a unique guide to achieving organizational excellence. Leider and Thompson show us powerful, real-world ways to use fundamental elements in new ways to bring more relevance to an organization and propel us to perform at our full potential. A breath of needed fresh air to guide us into the transformational new normal we all face.

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Dr. Erroll G. Southers,

Former FBI Special Agent, Professor of the Practice in National & Homeland Security - University of Southern California

If enough people in government read this book and act on even a small portion of the wealth of information it provides, we will move toward more effective government and a less divisive, and safer society.

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Charlie Zacharias, Former Senior Executive with Coach, Tiffany & Co., TBC Corporation

Provides a philosophy and innovative techniques vital to creating an effective culture, avoiding lapses in integrity, and rising to new levels of excellence. An indispensable reference for leaders.

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Bob Buce, Retired Partner at KPMG, and Founder of TrueCar

Finally, experienced leaders and consultants pull it all together - a fresh, compelling and insightful perspective into the continuous pursuit of commercial success. Laced with relatable examples, Leider and Thompson guide us through the thoughtful and artfully crafted balancing act necessary to maximize potential.

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Taylor Flake, Retired VPHR of Pepsi Co, and President of Sage Executive Coaches

A must-read for leaders trying to keep their balance in an increasingly volatile and ambiguous world.  It brings concepts to life through fascinating real-world examples, delivering the ideal blend of principles and practice.

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John Estafanous, Founder and CEO of RallyBright

A clear guide to balance, amongst the constant disruptions of today’s world.  A must read for any leader focused on building a strong, impactful culture.

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About the Authors

Bill Leider and Jason Thompson, the managing partners of Axies Group, have decades of experience in successfully leading, consulting for, advising and coaching leaders and their organizations, from ambitious start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries.

Taking the lessons learned from their experiences, they have developed a unique, highly effective model that creates the context within which any organization can reach a level of balance that will enable them to perform at their full potential and achieve unimagined goals—in growth, earnings and fulfillment.  (Learn More)